Victoria Road Business Park, Park Royal, London

SWIP, in conjunction with Goya, acquired this 2.5 acre site and obtained a detailed planning permission to develop out a new 52,000 sq ft multi unit industrial development with units ranging from 5,000 sq ft to 11,000 sq ft.The site is well situated, only 250 yards from North Acton tube station, and very close to the A40 linking well with Londons West End. Waitrose and Boden’s distribution and call centre facilities are neighbours.The development was due to be built out speculatively, with a summer 2013 start  – until the Government decided to blight Park Royal with HS2…..some say HS2 is nothing more than a political vanity project that destroys the countryside as well as large parts of Europe’s largest industrial estates .. on a railway that very few seem to want.. we couldn’t comment..!
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Victoria Rd view 2 finalVictoria Rd view 1 final