The Goya Philosophy

Start with the exit / alignment of interests

We focus on the exit from first site appraisal onwards, in harmony with our funding partner’s specific requirements.

Complete transparency and alignment of interests with our partners ensures trust – and successful and repeat joint ventures.

The extra mile

Our specialist sector and development knowledge skills will only get us so far.

We are big believers in the power of working harder – and hopefully smarter- than anyone. There is no substitute for energy and hard work – and if we don’t work hard, we cannot play hard!

To develop the best specified product in the best locations

At Goya, we have a hard fought reputation of striving for only the highest quality in our developments. For that to happen, we are continually evolving the product to ensure repeat business with the occupiers – and our funding partners, as well as ensuring our developments are normally welcomed by local councils and planning authorities. To this end, we work with a relatively small team of like minded professionals who share our goals, to ensure consistency of delivery.